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Public Furniture Polystyrene Wood Table and Chairs for Rest

Public Furniture Polystyrene Wood Table and Chairs for Rest
Price: US $ 0.5-5/Meter
Min Order: 500/Meter
Pay Type: L/C,T/T,Western Union
Product Description
If you like wood, you must like our furniture wood much more.
PS furniture wood is made from different blends of thermoformed plastics, foaming compounds, and selected process additives. It is a perfect institution for real wood in furniture and landscape application. It not only has the natural wood texture, but also has better outdoor properties than real wood. For the actual installation, this material can be drilled, cut, sanded, planed and screwed. What is more, normal wood tools and techniques can be applied. Compared to the real wood, our materials can provide UV resistance, free maintenance, water-proof, termite resistance, eco concepts and non deformation.

Unique performance to MexyTech furniture wood

CharacteristicPS Furniture WoodWood
Moisture resistance★★★★★☆
Rot resistance★★★☆★☆
No cracking★★★
Dimension stability★★★
UV resistance★★★★★★★
Maintenance free★★★☆
Coloring fastness★★★☆
Long-termed durability★★★☆★★
Optional size or colors★★★★★★
Corrosion resistance★★★★★★
Environment friendly★★★★☆
Cost efficiency★★★☆

Product details

Material: Polystyrene Furniture Wood
Color Options:
Surface Treatment:

Product Features
· Polystyrene (PS) plastic wood
·  Good property: waterproof, damp-proofing, termite-proofing, mildew-proofing, UV-proof,
·  Good surface feeling (same like wood), can be sawed planed, glued and nailed
·  Customized shapes are welcome, easy installation, maintenance-free
·  With RoHS mark, green product and environmental-friendly
·  Recyclable
·  Mainly used outdoor furniture,  hotels, offices, colleges, workshops and residences

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Product Profile

About us
MexyTech Co., Ltd has been in eco business for more than nine years. Right now, we have been a company combining R&D, design, production, recycling, marketing in one. Nowadays, MexyTech have
20 production lines and a R&D testing lab. Moreover, our products are very popular to many Countries.
Furniture wood was a new product series launched in 2008. After 9 year's technical research and marketing development, our furniture wood can achieve great superiority over real wood due to the excellent outdoor properties. Our products can not only be customized according to different market demands but also provide stable quality. Therefore furniture factories would like to build long-termed partnership with us. Most of our products are supplied to local and foreign furniture factories.

Our advantages:

1. Good quality: MexyTech own a R&D lab and we will test every batch of products to make sure that our products are first-class.

2. Controllable delivery time: we get 20 production lines for different models.

3. Outstanding service: MexyTech believe customers oriented principle, so we will make sure our clients can get 100% support from us.

4. Complete product system: MexyTech provide all accessories and fittings for our products. Our clients can DIY with our installation guide.

5. Company backup: all kinds of certificates, installation guides, job-reference for clients.
 If you need more information on this new product, please contact us.

Prod Model: furniture wood
Warranty Guarantee: 5 Years
Good Service: Can Be Customized Design
Certificates: SGS
Application: Outdoor Furniture
Function: Eco-Friendly, Waterproof, Mould-Proof,Corrosion Re
Keyword: Garden Furniture
Seater: 1
Armrest: With Armrest
Folded: Unfolded
Certification: SGS
Arms & Legs Thickness: 1.5mm
Beam Thickness: 1.5mm
Seat Thickness: 1.5mm
Material: 95%PS+5%Other
Color: Several Colors
MexyTech Co., Ltd have been in WPC business for more than 9 years. Through 9 years development and research, We have been one company combine R&D, design, production, recycle, marketing in one. Nowadays, MexyTech have 15 production lines and R&D testing lab and our products are popular to many countries.

MexyTech products provide water-proofing, fire-resistance, weathering resistance, easy installation, strong mechanical properties, so our products can used in different special fields, such as marina decks, swimming decking, DIY series, indoor decoration, outdoor wall, landscape design etc.

Our advantages: .

1. Good quality; Own a R&D lab, can run the test for products everyday to make sure our products are first-classed.

2. Controllable delivery date: We get 60 production lines and will increase to 100 in the following year.

3. Outstanding service; MexyTech believe customers oriented principle to make sure our clients can get 100% support from us.

4. Complete product system; Our products can include all accessories and fittings, the client can even DIY themselves.

5. Company backup: All kind of certificates, installation guides, job reference for clients.

The principle of MexyTech is easy way, eco life. Hope we have a chance to invite you to join our business.

If you are interested about us, please kindly send us the inquiry, we will reply you soon.

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