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Hot Sale Fish Farm Pond Liners Used in Various Places

Hot Sale Fish Farm Pond Liners Used in Various Places
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Introduction of  DACHENG POND LINER:
Geomembranes are impermeable sheets used in the containment and management of solids, liquids and gases. Common applications include storm cells, waste management, gas management, mining, water, waste water, ditch lining, agriculture, aquaculture and other industrial activities. Geomembranes are manufactured from HDPE, LDPE, and other reinforced polyethylene. Membrane performance is ultimately reliant on the quality of installation. Geosynthetics Limited offers a full installation service to ensure our products perform to the highest standards.

Detail description:
Technical Data
Thickness Deviation %±6
Tensile strength Mpa≥14.514.815.316.016.517
Breaking Elongation ≥465472490505512523
Tear Resistance KN/m ≥818385878990
Water Permeability≤
-70 Low Termperature BrittlenessPassed
Size Stability %±3
Carbon Content %≥2
WidthxRoll length(m)(1-7)x50m

1.All physical factors such as anti-draw, anti-tear, and anti-stab meet the requirement of
water works, chemicals, tunnels, and transportation project in most conditions.
2.Good aging, durable performance, and wide temperature arrange, it can be useful over thirty years on the condition of -60æ«60æ.
3.Anti-stab and fine friction factors.
4.Canker proof, acid and alkali proof, untoxic.
5.Lower cost per unit area, cost is 1/3«1/2 lower than that of PVC film, glass and cloth.
6.Convevient to install and dependable effect.

Applications of
Environmental protection, sanitation (such as landfill, waste water treatment, toxic and harmful chemicals disposal sites, storage of dangerous goods, industrial waste, construction and demolition waste, etc.)
2. Water (such as impervious, stop water loss, and reinforcing of lakes, and the impervious, slope protection, etc.)
3.Municipal projects (underground subway, engineering underground and reservoirs on the roof, and the park on the roof, the lining in the sewage pipes, etc)
4.Garden (artificial lakes, ponds, the lining of tank in golf course, slope protection, etc)
5.petrochemical (chemical plants, oil refineries, oil tank of fill stations, chemical reactions pond, the lining of settling basin, second lining, etc)
6.Mining (washing and selecting pool, heap pool, ashery, dissolving pool, settling basin, stock dump, lining of tailing pond, etc)
7.Agriculture (reservoirs, drinking water tank, water storage pond, irrigation systems)
8.Aquaculture (fish ponds, the lining of breeding shrimp tank, slope protection of sea slug tank)
9.Salt industry (crystallization pond, thatch or plastic thatch of salt pond, salt membrane)


Prod Model: From 80mm to 1200mm
Length: 50-200m or as Your Requirement
Width: 1-7m or as Your Requirement
Application: Transportation,Hydraulic,Geotechnical,Environment
Type: Waterproof Roll Material
Ceiling Tile Shape: Roll
Material: HDPE
Function: Anti-Draw, Anti-Tear, and Anti-Stab
Certification: ISO
Color: Black
Usage: Indoor
Thickness: 0.25mm-3mm
Ceiling Tile Type: HDPE, LDPE, and Other Reinforced Polyethylene
Surface Treatment: Smooth Surface
We ZAOQIANG DACHENG RUBBER Co., Ltd are the state-owned company as the overseas sales company of Hengshui Rubber Co. Ltd, which is iniated in 1954 and located in High and New Technology Industrial Park, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, the company has held the enterprise spirit of "solidarity, progress, pragmatic, contribution, and striving to be the first" and adhered to the quality guideline of " market oriented technical progress, taking the lead in the industry with quality, keeping good faith to ensure customer satisfaction". Through independent research and development, and joint development with scientific research institutes, it has realized great-leap-forward development and grown from a small workshop with some dozens of workers in 1954 into a group enterprise Hengshui Rubber Co., Ltd as the core.

The dominant products include, Bridge bearings, bridge expansion devices, engineering ruber water-proof components, prestressed steel bars and high molecular new-type water-proof materials, protective fences, sound-absorbing panel, bridge inspection vehicle, in 8 categories and over 10, 000 varieties.

The company has participated in construction of many national key road and railway lines. As well as many forign countries' infrastructure construtions, such as Congo Maya International airport, Dubai Meidan racecourse, etc...Many kinds of projects we coperated with China National Construction Companies who have oversea teams all over the world and exported directly to other countries. With excellent product quality, excellent after-sales service by the vast nuber of customers and experts praise.

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